‚ÄčBarbara Coe

‚ÄčConsultant and Coach

Barbara A. Coe Ph.D.

(509) 280 5371



How often do we find ourselves reacting to what comes at us rather than working on what we care about most? Do you want to be more involved with the things that are dear to your heart? To make a bigger difference in the world? These powerful tools help us stay engaged with what we love, be more effective leaders -- and lead more fulfilling lives.

This isn't to say we can have everything we want or that life will always be easy. We can choose to live in tune with our highest aspirations, have lives that are fulfilling and joyful, handle adversity skillfully and make the difference we want to make in the world.

We offer workshops on site and on line or work one on one to discover your abilities and assets -- your natural brilliance -- and your important visions for your work and life. Together we see if structural barriers are locking you into habitual patterns that block your progress. We help you develop a pathway to your goals