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Some Comments by Clients

"As a mathematician, I am impressed by the strong logical structure of the theory. Management books tell about the importance of setting clear goals and seeking to achieve them, but no one (except Fritz) speaks about the most important obstacle: that of a built-in oscillating structure. I think the great achievement of Fritz is stressing the huge importance of the structure. Barbara, I admired your great style of presenting the material and secondly because of the strength of the approach and the discovery of Fritz for me. Thank You"!! Haik, Professor of Mathematics, Germany.


“I now take a creating—versus problem-solving— orientation that gets me thinking differently about how to get what I want.” Elaine, President, Consulting firm, Denver


“Barbara asks insightful questions. She helps you confront long-standing assumptions that get in the way of accomplishment. In helping chart a place to go and stay on course, she’s a natural teacher and coach." Louise, Manager, San Francisco


"Since 1999 when I first met Barbara and worked with her on a brief project in Moldova, I've lived my life with an enhanced level of awareness of internal power and courage to live my life according to my own values. Since then and in pursuit of my dreams, I ended an energy-draining relationship, completed a much-desired and satisfying master program in the United States, gained a clear vision of my professional goals and started making strategic, intelligent and consistent career choices. Now I keep two major things in mind: 1) whatever you do, do it for its own sake; 2) make sure that whatever you do also brings you closer to your ultimate wishes." Lucia, manager, New York City

"Seven years ago I participated in the creative course led by Barbara A. Coe. Albania is a country where individuals or organizations think and act in terms of "problems", spending energy and time in unfocused and ineffective actions. Through the creating course I gained the perspective of "the path of least resistance" on how to create life in every aspect and I learned more than in 16 years of school." Elona, professor and manager, Tirana, Albania

"The two days in the workshop were such exciting ones -- so interesting, and productive, and FUN!  I am so glad I took this course -- it would be of value to anyone. It was just delightful in every way...and thank you." Robin, retired educator/administrator, Albuquerque, NM


"In the creating class, I learned to get clear on what I wanted to create and to focus on the end result instead of the interim results. I highly recommend this class to anyone who really wants to make things happen."  Elizabeth, former Manager, Denver

“I met Barbara at the stage of my life when I had to make serious decisions concerning my future and that of my children. The main obstacle for me was my fear that I could not handle it on my own. Barbara's coaching has been invaluable. Now I am enjoying life, being a support and friend for my children, developing opportunities to accomplish and create things that are meaningful to me and others, meeting new people and expanding my horizons.” Anna, Tbilisi, Country of Georgia

“I have known Dr. Barbara Coe since 2000 when she joined the Armenian School of Public Administration as a Fulbright Program scholar/teacher in Armenia. She taught Leadership for two semesters and later returned to conduct leadership workshops. Many students used what they learned to gain mid- and high-level positions in government or international projects. We highly appreciate Ms Coe’s professionalism and students appreciated Dr. Coe’s openness and tools for making effective life decisions.” Dr. Tereza B. Khechoyan, Vice-Rector, Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

“Structure and Process were tools that I applied to build an organization in my successful career as an executive for a major aerospace company. Today I am a creative writer. My recent project moved along nicely until I reached the final chapter. It morphed into a mountain that I couldn’t seem to climb. Barbara tackled that mountain with me and it didn’t take long to discover that it was only a small mole hill. Two days later I completed my manuscript.” Donna Caterina – author, My Roots are Showing, Phoenix, AZ.

"Working with Dr. Barbara Coe to develop a new Public Administration program for our university was a great opportunity for me and my team. She is a hardworking, cooperative professional who perceives and analyses issues from multiple directions and welcomes new ideas. Her recommendations were based on deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Even after completion of the project, because of her devotion to the work, she readily responds to my questions about issues that arise." Elene, Coordinator of Public Administration Program, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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